Top-Down Sketcher

The idea is to build an etch-a-sketch type device that uses gravity to deposit material from above. There are two motors controlling the device´s print-head over X and Y axes, which in turn are controlled via an Arduino. This is a learning project to assist with the EA´s development, but can also be an exhibitable piece in and of itself. One idea is to use an attachment at the head of a wine bottle to control the dripping of wine across a fibrous material. The machine can paint with wine.

Where the painting instructions come from is as important with the Sketcher as it will be for the Earth Antenna. There is strong potential to explore the relevant scraping technologies, and develop the necessary programmed  connections here.



A pretty cool similar-ish idea is the etch-a-sketch zen garden project, which draws in sand by controlling the X and Y position of a marker.



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