Tetsuya Mizuguchi – Visionary behind ‘Rez’


Some geniuses really know how to have fun. Take Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Revered for conjuring up gaming masterpieces like Sega Rally Championship, Space Channel 5, Lumines and Rez.

Tetsuya and his studio Q Entertainment’s newest game, Child of Eden, melds motion-sensing technology, stunning visuals, music and gaming elements into a riveting immersive fantasy quest. Eurogamer, Newsarama and Gamepro all declared Child of Eden the preeminent game of the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Since 2007, Tetsuya’s band Genki Rockets—featuring a virtual lead female vocalist named Lumi—has been playing regularly at benefit concerts, including Al Gore’s Live Earth. In 2006, the Producers Guild of America and The Hollywood Reporter named Tetsuya one of the “Digital 50” as one of the top fifty new media producers and innovators in the realm of digital storytelling—a list that included the founders of Google and YouTube.


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