Olivier Van Herpt

Olivier Van Herpt uses a bespoke 3D printer to create his ceramic forms. The machine extrudes a clay mix and is directed by a computer.

Extract from WIRED article

´A Huge, Clay-Filled Robot That Replaces the Potter’s Wheel´ 08.19.2014

Despite a willingness to work through the engineering challenges, van Herpt’s first love is spontaneous and exuberant graffiti. His early experiments in 3-D printing used beeswax and paraffin as build materials to maximize the randomness of his robotic creations. He’s since dialed back the idiosyncrasies of his prints, but his recent prints reflect these early efforts. “I enjoy making order where there was none and scattering something into the wind where there has been order,” he says. “It’s a directed and controlled exploration of the random.”


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