Pip & Pop

Pip & Pop – The duo, also known as Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz, create tiny galaxies that radiate throughout the room they inhabit.

The bright pinks, purples, and yellows have a girlish charm about them that echo the aesthetic of fairy tales and Japanese pop art.

At the same time, they exhibit a saturation of things. Perhaps these miniature worlds are, in fact, the utopia of a material girl who yearns to live in a material world.


Well, its quite an odd addition to the blog to include ‘My Little Pony’-coloured, sugary designs and sculptures considering their hyper processed, artificial aesthetic. It certainly seems as though they are all about the aesthetic when you consider the names of the works: Sweet Sweet Happiness, Under The Crystal Sky etc.

What I find interesting though is the use of colour alongside some of their pieces which use hill forms similar to a termite mound. The naturalness of the physical form alongside the saccharin-sweet palette of the work – its an interesting combination when put next to the natural earthy textures and colours of all the work I have considered and produced until now.

Colour is beginning to be something which might be important to the piece, and I have been sketching how this could be. Certainly it would help to highlight the artificial at the outset, and then as it washes away and is replaced with bright natural green the natural aspect would replace it. The juxtaposition if these two aspects is often quite ugly though so I need to consider further how this could work. Its certainly true that to use naturally-occuring colours and textures along the same lines would be equally if not more effective.

Considering the production process of any artefacts needs to be entirely mechanical, this addition of colour would also need to be machine driven.


A short clip showing the ‘promo’ for the exhibition ‘We Miss You Magic Land’ at the GOMA (Queensland Art Gallery, Australia).


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