‘No One Ever Cried At A Website’ – article by Matt Pearson

What the statement implies is that there is no beauty in digital technologies. No pathos. Nothing that might move someone. Which is utter bollocks. There isn’t anything intrinsically un-profound to our latest batch of technological marvels, and it is hopelessly short-sighted to suggest there is. But I understand the reasons for this misconception, which is what I’m going to discuss here.

Shows a shot from 'The Carp and the Seagull' - an interactive piece exploring the relationship between: the complexity of polygon generation and the emotional weight of an image or sequence

The article hosted on CreativeApplications.net examines the emotional content of screen-based interactive digital, and makes comparisons between this medium and other media during their fledgling states. The most powerful visual media of storytelling are currently video and photography and M.Pearson draws the conclusion that digital media is in its infancy as these media once were, and that its inevitable that an emotional depth and eloquence will develop and mature.

Aside from being an interesting philosophical perspective, the article also contains many links to key digital works that push the boundaries in this direction. Worth a visit.



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