Mount Fear – Abigail Reynolds

Mount Fear by Abigail Reynolds takes the crime incident statistics for London and represents them as a 3D physical map built up from layer upon layer of cardboard.

Abigail Reynolds describes the project as follows:

The terrain of Mount Fear is generated by data sets relating to the frequency and position of urban crimes.

Precise statistics are provided by the police.

Each individual incident adds to the height of the model, forming a mountainous terrain. The imaginative fantasy space seemingly proposed by the sculpture is subverted by the hard facts and logic of the criteria that shape it.

The Mount Fear project translates the hidden statistics regarding the frequency and position of crime in East London into something visually tangible.

The tensions present within Bradford offer a similar theme of inquiry – extracting data via desktop research could prove useful but overlaying this with ‘on the ground’ collected data would provide added richness.


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