‘Halo’ by GMunk

A really interesting project developed for the Unity 5 game, that visualises a player’s character ability and experience as a Halo – essentially the soul of a given character, or in the words of the development team:

a 3D representation of critical player data

Extracted from GMunk.com portfolio site

The Summoner’s HALO was a first in the data visualization field: a dynamic 3D object, fueled by multiple data flows, which gives the user an immediate, intuitive sense of complex performance stats over time.

The five vertices of the halo are mapping live data: Size, Brightness, Complexity, Speed and Color. The objective was to develop specific studies for each vertex, helping guide the Unity team and provide design direction for the final app. Riggles and Munko generated a variety of formal studies and helped create the overall look of the UI..Finding that Complexity was the most prominent axis, they crafted an array study around this axis that would describe the HALO’s final look. Size and Speed were variations on the overall form generated in the Complexity studies, and also the density of the Halo’s composition..

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Once the Size and Complexity vertices were in place, they approached the Color axis, ranging from a burning hot warm palette for advanced players to a cool and dull blue palette for more novice players, where their usage and energy was much lower..In essence, the Color axis is what breathed life into the Halo, as creating its pulse and illumination via particle emissions and emanating glows was the key to it becoming a believable life-form to the players..


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