Extracts from an article about Dextro by The Creators Project

Since the mid-90s, the hermetic and anonymous artist behind the name Dextro has been quietly creating some of the most pioneering algorithmic and generative art. Though his identity is a mystery, he is known for converging various styles, with work resembling luminous waves in one piece, and glitchy patterns in the next…

936d4cb01acadba6155196ea8165f80fDextro explained that, although numerical values change linearly, the visual results are far from linear. What’s of interest for Dextro is the ability to define a mathematical situation that “holds in it many possibilities, which come to surface through numerical variations in some part of its initial setting.”

“That’s a complex reaction to the environment that borders on life,” he explained. “The code is usually non-linear, sometimes related to cellular automata, sometimes to magnetic pendula, but mostly unique, as far as I know. It’s never fractal and never random, and everything is 100% reproducible.”

For his current video work, which can take the shape of dyes rippling and replicating in a void, or fiber optic lights growing and stretching, Dextro exclusively uses Processing. Other videos seem to feature reflective, holographic materials, or glitches injected into software encoding…

These ideas come from nature and its phenomena. While he tries to define his videos’ rules mathematically, Dextro also employs meditation to better analyze the relationships between moving objects and their underlying physics. In his videos, he tries to convey information about these invisible, intangible forces, while keeping things understandable on intuitive levels.

7b8d498a64cb71e904fbf86e16d2e309“Ideally, viewers sink into their subconscious mind trying to grasp the essence of the depicted movements, as they would when looking at the surface and movements of water, or a heaving cornfield,” explained Dextro. “They should not be obscured or mixed, yet sufficiently intricate not to be understood at first glance.”

“I like to think that non-objective movements like these could form a counter-balance to the visual extremism (with its effects on other mental processes) of TV, video games, and movies,” he added. “Theoretically, they could heighten the awareness and acceptance of complex relationships and natural balances. So, there is no rational concept behind these works, but an intuitive one.”

11b214cf9a55631870393cc195b9467b…“As far as software for generative art is concerned, all I want from it is a text editor and a good renderer,” he concluded, emphasizing that he writes all code from scratch, without pre-defined functions or libraries, or motion graphics softwares. “For me, it can’t get much better than Processing.”



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