Clockwork Insects

CETONIDAE: DICARPHANEOUS ADAMSI Medium Steel watch parts, gears, spring and screw 3" 4"x4" glass dome and walnut base $400

“Inspired by science fiction and science fact, since 1999, Insect Lab customizes preserved insect specimens with antique watch parts and mechanical components.


From ladybugs to grasshoppers to crabs, each work is a spirited and luxurious celebration of nature and machine. “

Definitely odd, and quite frankly I’m not sure what to make of these but I find them interesting although in a positive or a negative way I havent decided yet. The preserved insect bodies are turned into mini cyborg styled sculptures – a taxidermy sci-fi artform – its a charged idea to me because of the use of a corpse as art, and the mechanical conversion of a life form.


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