Bjork’s Mutual Core Video

Bjork's Mutual Core video is directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.

Bjork’s latest album ‘BioPhilia’ has been a curse and a blessing for the development of this project for me. The name comes from the idea proposed by Edward O Wilson and has been at the heart of my development from the outset. Bjork’s album takes this idea and interprets it through her music and visual style. This is great but its a bit annoying to have a bedfellow with so much clout sharing a concept at such an early and sensitive time for the project. For this reason I’ve not mentioned the work earlier I suppose.

The Mutual Core video is visually interesting for me specifically because of how I imagine the project to be at the moment. It explores plate tectonics, vulcanism, and layers of rock that move and intermingle in a decidedly non-inert way. The colours and lines and interplay of the layers of earth is something that I imagine when I think about the machine making giant towers of colour earth. So, I am including this video here.



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