Edital Ela – Functional Earth

Israeli practitioner Edital Ela researched a zero-carbon, naturally sourced material to develop structures and furniture with. Her work took her in a full-circle back to a way of making objects that was familiar and commonplace to her grandmother’s generation.


Using a mixture of found earths, dried vegetation and stems, and a bit of elbow-grease she moulds the resulting material and applies pressure in order to create durable and usable pieces.

What is striking about this story, is not the object itself – which although I love it, is hardly ground-shaking – but how this highlights the plight of this generation. For a multitude of reasons we have experienced a cultural breach. Ideas and techniques that stood the test of time – were used for thousands of years, survived the rise and fall of empires and religions and new technologies – somehow all around the world we experienced a cultural amnesia. Something which we are having to make an effort to rescue again. A thinker strikes out to find something new but instead returns to a place that was commonplace a century ago.


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