The psycholocode is the term I am using to describe the code behind the decision making processes of the Earth Antenna.

December 02

The AP (Artificial Personality seems a better term than Artificial Intelligence) now emits a ‘hormone’ when an ’emotion’ in the Plutchik Wheel reaches a certain value. Eventually the idea is that a feedback loop will be created where a hormonal intensity will effect the emotions experienced by the AP but at the moment it is a one-way process and I dont forsee that changing in time for the Alumni Show.

One remaining thing to resolve before the show is the source of the data – currently everything is sourced in random numbers that pass through a logic system. The Earth Antenna needs to respond to feeds of data from the IOT (Internet Of Things) and real-word sensors. Since I have been told that there will be no computer equipment available for me to use at the show, I will be running the AP as a recorded AVI file directly into the projector. This means that the visuals will be linear, and negates the need for a real-time data feed. However, conceptually I need to deepen the concept beyond random.


November 25 2013

The coding is done for the Plutchik emotion spectrum. Data is passed in, and the base and high emotions update correctly. This is displayed visually in a nice liquid’ish animating torus. I am now considering other aspects of the personality. Two obvious areas seem to be an endochrine system, and a basic personality framework.

The endochrine system is important because for example ‘stress’ can effect our mood, and an event can have an echo for weeks via this system. And the basic personality framework is important because for example an extraverted personality might respond positively to an intense social interaction while an introverted personality might respond negatively. At this stage of development everything will have its starter values set randomly, and once these two additional layers of complexity are coded I will consider ‘Personality V2’ complex enough.

There are a lot of questions about the inter-relation of these 3 layers, and how much more complex the system should be to be realistic. However I do think that these 2 additional features will deepen the Psycholocode framework satisfactorily for now and will result in 3 temporal environments for the resultant personality – permanent (from inception) through the FFW personality weighting, short-term through the Plutchik emotion wheel, and long-term through the endochrine hormone system. Visualisation of the Plutchik Wheel responding to random input data, and set on the Endochrine Ether backdrop. psycholocode_v2

November 16 2013

It’s in an early stage for the code and so it’s not particularly complex. This version (V2) builds on V1 which was created for the September shows in Camberwell. V1 was effectively a linear animation (although its appearance was continually changing dynamically it was rooted into meaningless random integers), simply displaying the Plutchik psychology framework as a moving graphic. V2 is slightly more complex and is comprised of 3 parts – input, processing and output.

  • Input brings in data from external web sources and acts as the sensory system of the EA.
  • Processing does all of the psychological work, converting the raw data into values that hold some kind of relevance and meaning for the EA.
  • Output provides a window into the entire process for the sake of the exhibition. It does not effect the EA directly, although it does help communicate the activities of the EA to an audience. Currently this part of the project is handled using AS3 – a particle generator mirrors the emergence of new experiences according to scale, intensity and type. These particles merge in a liquid-like manner (using a Perlin filter on the rasterised shapes), and periodically the on-stage elements are forced into an average value from which the tower segment value is taken. In the December 2013 show at the Triangle Gallery the ‘Output’ generator is projected onto a wall alongside the tower of mud whose values it is creating.

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