Interesting EcoTherapy Ideas

“Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book.”
C.G. Jung

EcoTherapy is a branch of Applied EcoPsychology, EcoTherapists address common difficulties such as anxiety, depression and stress using nature-based methods to enhance physical and mental healing.

Get outside – Create a log of the amount of time you spend outside during a set period of time – for example: a week or a month.
Buzzell-Saltzman. “Some patients find they spend less than 15 to 30 minutes a day outside, other than walking to and from their cars.”

Therapy sessions may also take place outdoors — in a park, for example — rather than inside yet another office. “We can use the natural world to be part of the healing process,” says Chalquist. “We have to acknowledge that we’re part of this, not the master of it.”

Questions from EcoTherapy (
What are your thoughts, feelings and responses towards what is happening to the environment?
Are imbalances in your natural rhythms in some way the cause of depression, stress, fear, and self esteem issues?
Significant childhood experiences in nature as well as present ones.
What natural environment do you feel most at home in?
Are your natural human needs being nourished by your daily lifestyle?

Some more methods (Gary Haq)
Ecotherapeutic methods include reconnecting with nature and ones own body, working with plants and animals, voluntary simplicity, detaching from rigid artificial time schedules, changing home and working environments, dream therapy focusing on nature and wilderness retreats.

Extracts from Ariana Candell‘s site:
“In my work, I do 1 or 1 & 1/2 hour sessions in the Oakland hills parks on a one time basis, a series of 4 – 8 times, or ongoing work. At the beginning, we make a conscious shift from our daily world pacing, to a more present awareness of ourselves and the natural environment. We do this with shifts in breath, mindfulness and becoming aware of our 5 senses to settle into the space. A theme of the day usually evolves which we explore with: walking or movement meditation, stillness, or directed questions and discussion. I may suggest becoming open to what you’re drawn to in the surroundings to reveal answers, or using drawing, journaling, poetry or movement.”

Extract from Inner Changes EcoTherapy Workshop
“This workshop takes place in a beautiful private woodland in North Wales and will consist of a variety of fun, enlightening and sometimes challenging nature-based outdoor activities, sensory and awareness exercises, guided meditation, solo reflection time, and group discussion. These will be used as tools for raising your level of awareness and drawing your attention to your relationship with yourself, others and the natural environment.

The aim for the weekend is to create an enquiring self-reflective atmosphere of relaxed open-minded playful, fun and curiosity. The perfect environment for easy personal change.”


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