Underlying Ideas

The key goal of this project is to create a catalyst-experience that can help reconnect people to the wilderness. There are four parts to the project – the Game, the Ai, the Builder, and the Garden.

  • The Game is an arena where people come together and interact between one-another and the Ai.
  • Out of this process the Ai designs a living garden space in the form of a grid to represent its interpretation of events and the Builder creates space.
  • The Garden is made from a mixture of materials – inert earths; transformative wax, toffee and iron powder; and living seeds and insect eggs – and the evolution and interplay between the various parts of the Garden-grid are documented over months and years. Ultimately the inert parts of the grid will disappear under the movement from the alive parts of the grid.

Timescales are interesting for this project – the immediate moment, the four seasons, a lifetime.

NB – As per the Minifesto – all artefacts are constructed from wood, and use natural materials where possible. Disrupting non-human natural processes must be kept to a minimum by the artefact when in situ.


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