Production line techniques within the project

At the heart of the project lies a desire to have a machine do all of the work. I create an equation – using code and machine-parts – which then responds to external stimuli and converts shapeless matter into a geometric form which then decays and makes way for autonomous living processes.

The geometric form is made from uniform elements – the cubes. Each cube is created by the female machine and positioned by the male machine.

The female machine is the production line of cubes. Materials are put into the machine at one end, and out of the other end come the cubes. The process isnt immediate, but once it has begun it can in theory run endlessly if materials are continuously added and the cubes are continuously removed.

This production-line process is something that I am designing at the moment. Its autonomy from my interference is fundamental.

Roxy Paine’s Scumak No. 2 at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - 2011

Roxy Paine’s ‘Scumak No.2’ follows this same idea of the production line artifact also as part of the exhibition.

The machine receives a medium of polythene beads which are mixed and heated by the machine before being squeezed out of a ‘print-head’ onto a production line where it cools and is moved along to make way for new ‘art’. Eventually each piece ends up on a pedestal.

The artist’s defence of the work is that it examines the role of the artist as an individual required to push out work in a similar manner.


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