The Grid Garden

[section_title title= Site-Specific Thinking]
The Minifesto stipulates that as well as being natural-occuring and non-toxic, all materials must be selected in order to avoid major disruption to the established non-human environment at the site. So any plant seeds, fungus spores, tree nuts, or insect eggs which are used as part of the construction materials need to be native to the area.

At this stage I am not too concerned with the implications of bringing alien materials to a project site (since they are all pretty inert) but it is clear that these materials will need to be selected according to the local climate.
A structure that relies heavily on adobe inside a horizontal supporting spine will age far too quickly in a wet climate but will be perfect for a hot dry climate around a desert (or Southern Spain), but a structure that needs damp air to give it strength (to oxidise iron powder into a single rust component) will fare well in London.


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