The Garden Grid

The ‘grid’ represents the current culture of the Computer Age in a simple, easily-understood, graphic form. It has been referenced in culture time-and-time again to signify the digital, firm control, the artificial world, computers etc.

So, the Garden takes the grid as its basis, and seeks to represent a space that begins under mechanical control and then evolves into a more chaotic natural state.

Initially the Grid was to be represented in a 2D manner – perhaps with an undulating surface that could visualise the dataset sent to it by the controlling Ai. On further consideration of the feasibility of transporting the materials required to create a decent substrate on which to grow the living art I have decided to develop the artefact using cubes.

Using cubes that are made, filled, and positioned by autonomous bots removes the problem of preparing the ground (since the structure can sit on an uneven surface), and also provides a more interesting visual state for the immediate timeframe (since it can more easily be built into towers).

Inside each cube can be a different material / seed / insect, and sprayed onto the waxed surface of each cube can be different fast-germinating seeds.


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