The AI

The programming of the Ai is instrumental in how the data retrieved from the gameplay is transformed into the 3D and temporal designed forms of the sculpture.

A set of qualities is upheld by the Ai to be important – either in a positive or a negative way. When it perceives these qualities in the gameplay it responds accordingly and assigns a value to them. This process runs continuously during the gameplay and a linear recording of the gameplay is made through the filter of these perceived qualities.

This process is a direct transmutation of one set of data into another set of data – it is a recording process. Where things get interesting is when the Ai interferes with these datasets because if its own agenda. It can do this in several obvious ways – for example it could get excited when certain patterns repeat themselves, and it could encourage the game to generate more of these patterns, or it could distort the data in favour of these exciting patterns.

Logic structures that underpin the Ai will evolve as the project does as a whole. Technology should be the least visible part of the project at this stage, so the effect of the Ai should probably be minimal.

I am currently defining the key to a successful project as creating a device that manages to a create a link between un unlikely group of people and the natural environment through an entertaining event that teaches/shows the beauty in uncontrolled processes that span time from the immediate moment to beyond the grave.



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