Termite Road

A machine that prints fairly-low and undulating 3D structures using cement – the design of the printout is a long strip that turns up at the edges, and can be filled with earth / pebbles / sand allowing the high points of the design to poke above this layer.

The long strip can be / should be used as a path around a space / garden, and the filling can also be printed using dirt with an array of seedtypes – so when the path ‘grows’, patterns are also visible in the living occupants of the path landscape.

This project uses 3D printing technology to create durable, patterned structures in a form that is usable (as a path), durable, and artistically valuable. Designs can be fed into the machine for it to produce textile-type designs – perhaps for a commercial market in landscaping, or designs can be developed on-the-fly by sensor-driven-logic software in order to visualise certain statistical patterns, or to some other kind of statement.


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