Symposium Transcript

Kiers: everyone have the link? rather.. anyone not have it?
Jonathan Kearney (MA):
Charidimos Bits: :O omg Kiers! I also mention Theo Jansen, Desmond Paul Henry to my research paper and my video i think! 😀
Kiers: one more thing – my normal voice isn’t like that..
Charidimos Bits: (y)
Kiers: hehe nice one Harry
Kiers: lucky I went first then 😉
Charidimos Bits: 😛
longxiaowei: (mm)
Katrine (MA): Btw Jonathan – my video is up – I changed it from 1080 to 720 and it came up in minutes … (face palm)
Charidimos Bits: 😛
Charidimos Bits: mine is up too 😀
Charidimos Bits: you speak to fast Kiers, I can barely follow your voice with the written lines!!
Kiers: yep – sorry bout that.. I had to speed it up to fit it into 5 minutes.. bit silly..
Katrine (MA): how many words did you end up with?
Charidimos Bits: hhehe
Eduardo (MA): hehe, that a 30 minutes worth in 5
Kiers: hmm.. 800?
Charidimos Bits: Really interesting project
Kiers: thanks 🙂
Kiers: the final page is links to the blog if any one is interested
Eduardo (MA): but very solid solid Kiers and interesting to follow your progress
Katrine (MA): It’s a great project – can’t wait to see to live!
Charidimos Bits: And I like the fact u want your artwork to be ‘usable’ by eople, or at least able to be used for somthing benefitial.
Lionel Openshaw: Kiers – wow, I hope the final piece lives up to the promise! (nod)
Kiers: me too!! 😉 there are some pics of the workshop and the current state of the machine
Jonathan Kearney (MA): Kiers – you did get all the words into 5 minutes, just!
Kiers: yep – I think 5 minutes 15 seconds..
Lionel Openshaw: (ie. sounds technically challenging!)
Kiers: its quite complex, but I’m making good progress
Charidimos Bits: I only drop 2-3 lines on my video! xD
Kiers: its a shame I couldn’t have a video of the moving machine ready for this presentaiton but hey ho
Charidimos Bits: that would be fantastic
Lionel Openshaw: Kiers – will the mound be continually built-up during the show, or will it reach a ‘finite’ stage?
Edward Kelly: While the wheel of emotions mapped to colours makes sense in terms of what the substrate looks like, can you tell us how your machine’s mood will be influenced?
Kiers: there is a fixed maximum height. it will grow until it reaches that height.
Lionel Openshaw: How long will that take?
Ben (MA): kiers – i’m going to send you some pictures of the stairs at camberwell 🙂
Lionel Openshaw: Ben – ???
Yibao Gao: I actually find it quite challenging to comment, since I did not catch all that.
Kiers: Ed – the moods are influenced by the software weighing up the data it receives and then deciding how it feels about the total sum, but the colors aren’t reflected in the wheel graphic the colors of the substrate range from black – red – white and the shades inbetween
Kiers: stairs?
Jonathan Kearney (MA): Kiers, are there will be smell, or at least it will have an aroma?
Ben (MA): stairs – we’ll have to make a human chain to get your substrate up to the exhibition area 🙂
Yibao Gao: The moods are colour coded, right? and who makes the decision which colour means what
Kiers: Lionel – the maximum height is currently dependent on how many segments of spine I use inside the tower – so I can’t answer that question sorry
Jonathan Kearney (MA): Kiers, Ben means the challenge of getting big heavy stuff into the building, not impossible but challenging
Kiers: I’m flying with this device.. its not that heavy
Lionel Openshaw: Ben – there is a lift! 😉
Ben (MA): looks amazing – i’m only teasing!
Kiers: Yibao – the device can decide which colors mean what. the colors of the tower are not there to be understood. so its not important to me what meaning they have.
Ben (MA): really excited to see it kiers
Edward Kelly: Is there a self-organising map involved?
Kiers: altho if you can see the workings of the machine you would have a better idea of what colour means what
Lionel Openshaw: I was just wondering if it could be timed so the building process lasts the duration of the show – or is this not so important?
Charidimos Bits: yeah I am really looking forward to see it in its final state
Kiers: Ed – self-organising map?
Yibao Gao: Oh yes, like the machine has its own logic patterns. Cool.
Kiers: Lionel – the height rises by a maximum 5cm / day – if the maximum height was 180 cm I would start the device 10 days before the exhibition opens
Edward Kelly: OK, so no then. A self-organising map is a component of artificial intelligence systems, rather like a tiny brain
Kiers: no – actually the programming is very simple
Jonathan Kearney (MA): you can scroll down through Kiers blog and see some to the development of this machine
Kiers: its nothing more than a simple game logic really


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