Project – Task List

Its May 08. I’m setting up the exhibition on August 12 – thats in 14 weeks time, and there’s a lot to do in this time. Amazing how time has flown!

The majority of work to do now relates to the machine that actually builds the towers. There are 4 key mechanical sections to this machine – the extrusion head, the tower base, the telescopic spine of the tower, and the substrate tubes. In addition to this there is the programming aspect which will control how the substrates are mixed together. Outside of the actual tower-building process is the documentation which will need to be done in the form of a time-lapse video – ideally this process should be beginning now.

Outstanding tasks

  1. tower base – peristaltic pump (this is under development at the moment)
  2. arduino-controlled substrate mixer for either base or head (hasnt been started yet)
  3. extrusion head (prototype needs further work)
  4. telescopic spine – this will carry substrate and electrical signals to the top of the tower (a working prototype for this exists, but needs to be developed further)
  5. logic layer for the tower – the ‘mood’ creator (should be started immediately alongside workshop projects)
  6. programming the arduino to control all the distinct parts of the entire machine (outsource?)
  7. time-lapse setup to document the growth process (required asap to document second tower growth)


Tasks 1 and 4 are currently under-development in my workshop. The mechanical aspects are coming together slowly, controlling them with motors will be the next stage.

Tasks 2 & 3 are extremely important, and must be started within the next couple of weeks. Ideally when the mechanical aspects of tasks 1 & 4 are complete.

Some skeletal work towards task 5 & 6 can be begun immediately – an approximate framework of functions and values should be created simply as a step towards creating this element.

A page has been created for each of the above tasks (links are embedded in the task text). These pages will document the development of each of the parts of the design and development of the process. All the pages are accessible via a new menu which sits at the top of the right-side navigation of this site for quick access.


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