Project Summary

The last 4 months (september – december) I have been finalising investigative work on the material which will be used by the sculptural work, and furthering work on the electronics and mechanics of the structural elements – the robot. Twinned with the explorative reading work that has gone into writing the Research Paper, my understanding of ┬áthe greater shape of this idea has been deepened considerably.


  • The project no longer has an interactive game element. I decided that aside from complicating the development, it was unnecessary. Data used as the foundation of the visualisation will now be pulled directly from the Ai’s monitoring of the environment.
  • Presenting the piece in a gallery environment has become increasing interesting recently. Visualising ‘change’ through natural physical processes is still at the heart of the piece altho how I imagine the exact character of this change is continuing to evolve. For example I am working on a white material to form the cubes with. When the structure fails the cubes change from white to black or grey before bursting into green life.
  • On the technical side of things I have moved off the drawing board and am now building several structures that relate to the final piece. In particular the walking robot is in production, and I am designing the part which ‘excretes’ the cubes – and considering the associated cultural meanings and feelings that will come from watching this mechanised representation of such an animal process.

The next 3 months should be transformative for the project. I intend to complete work on the first machine, and set it lose in a controlled environment.


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