Project Review 2 – Presentation to the group

Jonathan Kearney (MA): Justin and Kiers, who wants to go first?

Kiers: dont mind

Justin (MA): not fussed either

Kiers: ok – I have mine here:

Kiers: if you are on a computer rather than a tablet or mobile, make the width a bit smaller than your screen so the text is wider – the CSS styling is a bit off on this template

Justin (MA): are my messages showing up?

Sneja (MA): yes

Kiers: nope , last one i got said ‘not fussed either’

Jonathan Kearney (MA): so each layer is about 3 cm deep?

Kiers: yep – between 3 – 5 cm

Justin (MA): i was saying i like the idea of how your are creating a colour palette

Kiers: its approximate – there are 5 ‘primary’ colours which can be mixed in a multitude of ways

Justin (MA): yeah i think thats an excellent idea

Justin (MA): and the primary colours combine through how your coding them or are they in some way random?

Sneja (MA): Yes this is great … the idea with the colors as well ….

Kiers: they are combined by the device at the base of the tower. the exact mix depends on the variables in the code – the ‘mood’ of the machine.

Justin (MA): ah yeah, and the mood is determined through sensors?

Kiers: so each layer reflects the ‘mood’ of the machine

Kiers: yep

Katrine (MA): I think it’s just wonderful!

Kiers: well, the data comes from the sensors, but the mood comes from the machine. they’re not entirely the same thing.

Justin (MA): yeah its a great idea, i keep thinking of a big colourful christmas tree shaped sculpture haha

Jonathan Kearney (MA): do the colours represent mood or just the smell and seed growth?

Eduardo (MA): this is amazing!

Justin (MA): or like a pyramid

Kiers: the machine doesnt directly reflect its data feed, it makes a judgement depending on its mood.

Eduardo (MA): very clever approach too, it very complex, very inspiring idea!

Kiers: the colours reflect the mood – but also the smell and seeds. its a palette of sensations. a strong sweet smell in a rich brown substrate full of seeds might reflect a happy mood – for example.

Kiers: Justin – the shape is a vertical tower. Its only by chance that the base of the tower in the pics is slightly wider than the rest.

I am testing to see how tall I can make it. I dont think 2 metres is unrealistic, but it will need a month to get that high.

Katrine (MA): It really reminds me of some of the thoughts behind the Found work

Sneja (MA): You mentioned a tower of over 1m …. can it broke?

Kiers: Kathrine – the found collective?

Justin (MA): where you talking about some sort of scaffold structure before? or something to keep its shape, is there a possibility it could fall over?

Katrine (MA): yes

Kiers: inside the tower is a telescopic cylinder structure

Jonathan Kearney (MA): how long does the smell last, by that i mean, if the smell lasts for long time then you won’t be able to distinguish between sweet and odd smells, they will all just combine won’t they?

Kiers: each segment is about 20cm tall, its concealed inside the tower and at the tower’s base. you never see it

Katrine (MA): whole idea of it responding to it’s environment

Kiers: Jonathan – the smells inevitably combine but this doesnt matter. Older smells will be weaker than newer ones.

Kiers: Actually combined smells are part of the appeal. If its a mostly ‘happy’ tower with a brief flash of ‘anger’ then you’ll notice the combination. But I dont know if I will explain this to viewers.

Jonathan Kearney (MA): 🙂 — “brief flash of ‘anger'”

Kiers: Its not a precise scientific experience although their is strong logic underlying the whole thing.

Jonathan Kearney (MA): and how long is it taking for grass to sprout?

Kiers: at the moment it takes 2 weeks for the first shoots to appear.

Kiers: I think I can soak the seeds and reduce it by a week.

Jonathan Kearney (MA): will it need regular watering?

Kiers: nope – all the moisture is contained within the substrate from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.

Ben (MA): kiers – i heard about a project google might be doing about virtual garden

Kiers: it never needs watering, although it is a finite system. it can support life for about 8 weeks.

Kiers: indoors / outdoors

Katrine (MA): nice

Jonathan Kearney (MA): even if it is hot and dry weather?

Kiers: in spain on the balcony – 4 weeks healthy growth in 25 degrees..

Sneja (MA): really impressed

Kiers: tried and tested 🙂

Ben (MA): nice 🙂

Jonathan Kearney (MA): 🙂

Kiers: Ben I’ll check that – thanks for the tip

Jonathan Kearney (MA): have you got any images of what the machine is looking like so far?

Kiers: I only have what there is on the other blog pages

Kiers: So far its mostly drawing board, although I have started building the telescopic tower and peristalsis pump. I hope that by next presentation the machine will be working

Jonathan Kearney (MA): how fast will it extrude the material, ie, will it be fast enough to see it moving?

Kiers: A layer will be extruded in about 30 seconds / 1 minute. Everything else happens quite slowly, but that part is quick

Ben (MA): i’m sorry – i’m on a phone and i think my messages are delayed. Kiers, I’ll re read and input at the end so i don’t keep interrupting

Kiers: no prob – might also be a delay this end too..

Kiers: I’m not getting any messages. Has everyone gone quiet? Or have the OAPs turned off the internet?

Jonathan Kearney (MA): so when you say “A layer will be extruded in about 30 seconds / 1 minute” that will only happen 3 times a day, because it is not able to take more than 3 layers in a day?

Katrine (MA): I’m here!

Kiers: Yes – thats the basic rhythm. It might fluctuate.. but not by much. Do you think it should happen more slowly?

Jonathan Kearney (MA): so just one tower or several?

Kiers: Ideally there would be a series of towers. It would be great to be able to see their different personalities

Katrine (MA): 🙂

Kiers: to walk through them and compare them

Katrine (MA): that would be really nice!

Jonathan Kearney (MA): but that would need several machines? and you will build only one?

Kiers: It depends on cost and time per machine. It would be cool to have a few, and that is the goal. But..

One more thing – sorry, forgot to put this on the page

Sneja (MA): Yes would be really interesting to see several towers

Kiers:×300.jpg – Well, it doesnt add much.. just a little sketch of a finished tower

Jonathan Kearney (MA): Kiers you asked: “Do you think it should happen more slowly?” – not sure about this, I guess it partly depends on how important the ‘spectacle’ of the extruding is for you, will it happen at fixed times, will you advertise it, so people can be there to see it etc, or is it not important, are the towers themsleves the most important element?

Justin (MA): might be a daft question but i presume the machine puts down the earth and seeds etc and walk off and leaves it to grow on its own aye?

Kiers: the extrusion process isnt so important. I am thinking of doing a timelapse video to accompany.

Justin – the machine is inside the tower and hidden in its base (under a hollow platform along with all the substrate)

Jonathan Kearney (MA): yes that could be interesting

Kiers: there might be a wifi signal to announce an extrusion.. dont know.. this could also tell a camera when to take a pic – wifi / bluetooth

Jonathan Kearney (MA): ok thanks Kiers, we need to move on to Justin now…

Kiers: okedoke – thanks for the comments guys

Jonathan Kearney (MA): Kiers, the tests are looking good

Kiers: 🙂

Katrine (MA): so good Kiers (clap)

Kiers: 🙂


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