Project Proposal : 8

A small wooden table stands in the room, in its centre is a hole of about 2″ diameter. Up through the hole pokes a rotating disc as it rotates it rises, apparently supported by the organic matter that it extrudes.

With each rotation the spiral-tower grows by a height of 2″. The colour of each layer of the the material changes – alternating between shades of black, orange, white, yellow, and red (reflecting the iGanism’s perceptions of its surroundings). It can grow half a metre in a day, up to a maximum height of between 2.5 – 3 metres.

Diagram showing the autonomous unit creating a spiral tower. Lower parts of the spiral tower have already begun to sprout. Pressure within the bottom half of the mechanism is controlled by a simple pulley system which slowly pushes a plunger into a large tube of substrate.

Within several days the tower begins to crack and small fissures run throughout the structure, from these gaps tiny bright green hairs burst out. This new covering is made from sprouting grass seeds – within two weeks the tower will be covered in a lush green fur – each blade being about 3″ long.

If left undisturbed, the new growth from within the tower will eventually overwhelm its structural integrity and it will collapse. Slower germinating seeds that are also held inside the substrate will now be beginning to come to life, and with luck the collapsed tower will eventually produce a tree.


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