Project Proposal : 6

The project has evolved again in several ways.



I am now considering an idea that there is no single ‘perfect’ material with which to make the structures. Up until recently I have been making single material cubes, and have been trying to decide which one has the best qualities for the project and which conveys the right message of ‘machine’. However it now seems alot more interesting to explore multiple textures – which is some sense is a return to an earlier idea of mixing quantities of different seeds into the cube to reflect the values of different variables perceived in an environment. The current set of cubes are exploring materials with different colour, different aging qualities, and different seed content.


Another key aspect of the project up until now has been the idea of the walking robot. This idea is still interesting, but for the moment the ‘production line’ aspect of the project is becoming more important, and so the machine part of the project has been evolving.

Automatic production of cubes is fundamental to the piece – conceptually and visually – altho placement of the cubes is not currently so important. Logistically-speaking, breaking away from the need for an autonomous walking robot frees up alot of time and energy to invest into other parts of the project.


As the cubes are now made from multiple materials with multiple seed content, there will be a variety of sprouts produced. Fast growing seeds are important because for an exhibition that only lasts a few days it is better to have at least one type of seed that breaks through and effects change on the cube pile.


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