Project Proposal: 4

Several Incarnations of the project. Some may not happen for a while. I write them here to further extend the core idea into all relevant peripheral areas ironically to focus my understanding of the core idea.

  1. A landscape built by autonomous robots. Constructed from cubes – filled, hollow, or an extruded square. The cubes are made from entirely natural materials.
  2. A game whose score is visualised by a cube and the mysterious seed/s contained within it. Your score is only revealed once the contents sprout.

The basic idea of the project is to mix technology with wilderness. The cubes are mysterious. Their form is smooth and polished, but they are made from natural materials and contain life. However, they have also been made by a machine and an Artificial Intelligence.

The piece creates a beautiful landscape from these units which is relevant in several timeframes:

  • The creation process – during the course of the exhibition the robots create and position these cubes and the landscape is created. This process will be fascinating and beautiful to watch.
  • The end of the creation – the still and finished landscape will be mysterious and primal while also being composed of cubes and natural materials which render it a slightly hard to comprehend cocktail of environments.
  • The post-creation artifact – decay and decomposition are key to this piece. Moisture softens the forms and sprouts the contents of the cubes making way for a new uncontrolled layer of the work.

Cubes can be taken home by viewers. Some cubes are made as a representation of certain people (the seeds contained in the cubes somehow represent their personality). Perhaps this will increase their interest in non-human life processes and their contact with vegetation and the timeframe of plant-life.

Perhaps this is a perfect example of synthetic nature. My goal is not to provide a wilderness through this work, but more to establish – through plantlife – some kind of connection between their human intellect and the evolving chaos that exists beyond that ‘cube’.


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