Potential Research Paper topics

I have decided a route that should bring about a title/direction for the Research Paper. By defining several related practitioners and objectives, and by writing a short synopsis of each and how it relates to this project I expect to find the most condensed and targeted theme that links everything together. From that theme the question/title will appear.


Three core questions of my work are:

  • Can technological devices communicate the essence of wilderness?
  • Can eco-therapy effect a cynical audience, or does it only preach to the converted?
  • Can a living, changing sculpture improve a person’s connection to the non-human environment?


Three core actions of my finished piece:

  • People playing a screen-based game app that communicates real-time to an Ai.
  • A robot that responds to the gameplay by constructing a form / landscape from seeds and a 100% natural plastic-pulp gel.
  • The autonomous evolution of this constructed landscape in response to natural/wilderness forces.


Three other fundamental factors steering my approach and understanding:

  • Andy Goldsworthy’s work
  • Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ iPad app series – interactivity by Scott Snibbe
  • Ecopsychology – writers such as E.O.Wilson, T.Roszak, and R.Louve


With this in mind I will begin this project by writing a short page examining each of the following subjects:

  • Andy Goldsworthy’s work and decay-processes as part of art
  • Application-based environments with no competitive or commercial agenda
  • ‘Ecopsychology’ and its roots in various forms of shamanism
  • Interesting visual expressions of Human-Ai relations

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