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[section_title title=Cultural References from the group]

Cultural References from the group

Sneja: Biomimicry – Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus, In this book J.M. Benyus describes how science is studying nature’s best ideas to solve the greatest 21st-century problems.

Jonathan: slightly different but using plants to interact with a virtual plant was a famous piece by Sommerer + Mignonneau back in the early 90s, I think it was called something like Interactive Plant Growing

Katrine: About the thoughts on empatic relationships: Schottish band and artist Found made this installation called the Cybraphon: Autonomous Emotional Robot. This musical installation worries about what people on social media thinks about it, and changes it’s mood and music according to what people are saying.

Ben: i think i posted this before to you kiers:

Ola: speaking of Ai, Henrik scharfe has a nice chat on TED worth watching

Sneja_d: Here is an example for real with  virtual visualisation:

Some of you may know the project of Sabrina RAAF, ‘Translator II: Grower’, an interactive installation with the robot. it responds to the carbon dioxide levels in the air by drawing varying hights of ‘grass’ on the walls of a room in green ink.  and

Ben james (jotta): kiers – one last link – I thought the manifesto for Technology Will Save Us might be worth looking at. By educating people about how to re-fix and re-purpose technology (as they do) do we humanise technology to a greater extent? This really follows on from some of the discussion in the earlier stages of Kiers work

Katrine Granholm: Like in the 3 dreams of black project (best viewed in Crome)

Jonathan Kearney: (another mediated nature/technology space

[25/06/2012 15:30:07] Katrine Granholm: They also created a musical installation for a Botanical garden. They chose to work with Arduino for this installation and it seems to me that this technology might be relevant for you. I can’t find a link at this moment but will get back to you when I do.


Friedrich & Vermeer (Romantic Art)





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