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WTF..!!  Simplify the project

Jonathan Kearney: I have one other question about this project as presented so far – i wonder if there are simply too many different aspects all trying to compete for space – there seem to be several very strong concepts, and maybe it needs to be simplified a bit?… for example, I am really intrigued by the natural building blocks and how they will evolve in the garden space… this will only be evidenced over several years (which I also think is really interesting – non instant art!!) so it might be that the long evolving aspects of the work and the more instant interactions of the game type environment could be difficult to bring together

..I am just over concerned as I have spent the morning doing tutorials with full time students who are planning their final exhibition now ­čśë

This project does touch on many areas, each area needs initial groundwork to get off the ground. My MPR doc failed to communicate key ideas and much of the group’s discussion centred on what the project was about, rather than the ideas underlying the project. I am comfortable that if the following list is achieved by the end of the year, then I will be able to investigate ways to simplify, refine and improve it in the remaining months. However at this stage I am not considering compromising the 3 key project ideas.

A list of work to be done before creating prototype garden events:

  • Construct maker-Bot (July, Aug, Sept)
  • Define & create Game (Sept, Oct, Nov)
  • Define & program Ai (Nov, Dec)
  • Research and produce construction material┬á(May, June – completed)
  • Experiment with garden forms and living aesthetic agents (ongoing)

A list of the key project ideas:

  • Extrapolate patterns from gameplay and use them to visualise a 3D environment
  • Build a 3D environment using elements that include life-forms
  • Record the evolution and inter-relation of the environment, and life-forms

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