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On the subject of cubes

Eduardo: would every user have their own cube? It would be good if the person could have an specific area when they can always go back and be able to recognise what they created

Ola: ..each person creates his or her own block, customisable? that would be nice, create your own special cube

Sneja: Yes , a group of people could be identified for a limited period of time..

Justin: ..the idea of manipulating and creating something which is “natural”

Eduardo: it would be nice if people could actually have alot of control regarding the shapes and colours of what they create..

This is a very important line of questioning. Is the player able to leave their mark? Are others able to identify distinctive human marks within the constructed landscape? Should there be a sense of ownership between the audience and the created garden artefact?

Currently the artefact of a process of distortion – the Ai distorts the human input before designing the physical environment. As a result, any sense of ownership, customisation and identification between the audience and the final piece is completely removed.

Two points

  • In favour: One goal of the project is to create a bridge between folk and natural spaces. Creating a bond using customisation or direct expression / individualisation would achieve this. But it would go directly against the second point:
  • Against: A key aspect of the project is concerned with control, and ownership specifically that these are illusory and unhelpful ideas which have been made more intense through our current fascination with owning technology that controls us and our environment.

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