MPR – Response to Group Chat

[section_title title=What about sound?]

What about sound?

Sneja: What about SOUND? In Kiers’ garden, there will be probably interesting surrounding sound to amplify¬† (the sound produced by the working AI , the evolution of the materials when they break or react to changes, and even the plants ….it is said that plants produce sound and respond to sound.

Sound, light and smell are senses for the immediate timeframe, and all might have a part to play in future versions of this project. I examined small music-boxes as something to incorporate into the mechanical structures of the construction-robot, and considered the idea of the Buddhist incense clock as a way of communicating a process / meaning through smell. However, at this stage though I am comfortable that the visual form of the cubes, and the mechanical-robotic process of making and positioning the cubes will be interesting (and complicated) enough to keep both me and the audience occupied and engaged.


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