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[section_title title=Measuring Interaction AKA The Game]

Measuring Interaction AKA The Game

Justin: what sort of interaction is involved in the project is what im thinking, how does the viewer shape the garden or what input is there?

Sneja: Interesting will be to know HOW the human mood (anger, happyness etc…) is going to be mesured …the level of participatory implication

Sneja: I have understood that Kiers uses the term ‘game’ to explain interaction. I could imagine both virtual game with a link to reality (like the example Jonathan provided with the boat navigating virtually to a conflict region with the real values of the wind.

The Game and data-gathering side of the project is currently the least defined part of the idea – it will be either a real-world mechanical structure or a virtual iPad-type application will act as the Game element. Most important is to understand that the Gameplay provides the Ai with its only source of input from the outside world – from various the responses and interplay between players it deduces certain facts and attributes certain values. Using these values it constructs a visualisation which is used as the Garden design.

Perhaps the best way to imagine this is to see the Game as the only sensor that the Ai has, and then by extrapolating patterns from the gameplay it is able to interpret its surroundings (or in this case, the personalities of the players).


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