MPR – Response to Group Chat

[section_title title=A real, living, garden space]

A real, living, garden space

Kathrine: ..I have a question – from the audio it seemed to me that the project was an artificial game – but from the images and videos it seems like a real life thing

Justin: I would quite like to see it as a virtual game sort of thing and use the 3d printing technique to make it physical sculptures

Katrine: ..I’m just interrested in knowing if the plan is to make a real interactive garden or a visualization of one

Eduardo: ..maybe there is also a real outdoor garden when people can see what they create?

Sneja: talking about interaction…. Kiers mentions humans (adults and kids) …but what about involving animals or insects (bees ?)

Katrine: .. I really think it could be great if it somehow was “alive”

The Garden is a real-world environment designed by an Ai in response to how a game has been played by a group of people. It is constructed from compressed-earth cubes – each cube is initially hollow but is filled with seeds, earth, or insect eggs depending on the intention of the Ai. The cubes age and are weathered, their shape devolves from pure geometry to natural chaos. As the contents of the cubes grow out and introduce another layer of chaos into the environment the controlled and constructed Garden space loses its imposed geometric identity and invents its own one through the living agents.


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