Exhibition Assets

Thinking about what to exhibit and why. Key to this is the fact that this project has grown in fits and spurts, and spans an enormously wide range of influences and interests – so, it can be hard to grasp and my role now is to condense and simplify in as elegant a way as possible. I MUST clarify all of this work into a simple meaningful sentence that explains what its all about. Core artefacts:

  • An example of a tinted earth tower sprouting shoots
  • The internal support mechanism – wooden mechanical telescopic spine, and substrate tubes.
  • Sketches showing evolution of machine design

For a long time the programmed aspect of the machine has been important but because I have been developing the physical structure there hasnt been an awful lot of work done to further it. However, recently I have been working on a simulation animation to bring together the three states of data – input, processing, output. Input comes from either physical sensors or internet-sourced datasets; output is obviously the mud tower produced by the machine; processing is done by the personality of the machine. In some ways the processing part is the most mysterious. The project now needs to reflect itself through what is exhibited.


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