Communicating with Smell

31 March – while listening to In Our Time: The Measurement of Time an interesting idea came up:
A Japanese Jokoban (constant insense board) is a buddhist incense clock – time would be communicated by different smelling insences.
The idea being that you can be aware of smell during meditation without being disturbed by it as you would be a gong or bell. The first two hours might be peach scented, then pine, rose and sandalwood for subsequent hours.

So, in relation to this project – it could be that smells are used as part of the communication medium for the immediate timeframe. Oils could be heated to scent the air for example.

This thought leads me into a new place – liquids, and gases/smokes could also be considered as materials for the ‘immediate’ timeframe – but only if the idea is that the activity of the game effects the memory-space in real-time.


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