FIZZ is a showcase of the Earth Antenna (EA), a reference library of contemporary art, and a research platform for issues related to the EA.

The ´Earth Antenna´ is a generative artefact that converts the results of a programmed algorithm into a mud tower. Data is skimmed from various sources and passed through the algorithm, the results of the algorithmic computations are shown on a screen and in the earth tower. Layer upon layer of mud and seeds are slowly added to the structure over weeks and months. Each layer contains different quantities of mud and seeds and coloured minerals, and each reflects the different qualities of data coming out of the equation at the heart of the project.

The process can last from between one to twelve months, and as time passes the seeds grow and die raising questions about the relationship between life processes and control, and the interelation of technology and nature.

A timelapse video shows the project´s evolution vastly speeded-up. You can see the towering form gradually grow in height; the various types of seeds rising and falling; the shades of earth being used pulse and change as the invisible ´personality´also pulses and changes behind-the-scenes. It mirrors the unseen forces at play in the lives of every living thing, the way in which our personalities are shaped, and the sometimes chaotic results that ´living´can bring about.

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