Psy-code Endochrine Parallel

The psy-code-ology of the EA is nothing more than a web of connections continuously firing between a fixed set of nodes. How intensely they fire, and towards which node is determined by the streams of input data.

There are two primary layers of this process:

  • the mapping of the source data to a ‘central nervous system’
  • the interpretation/transmutation of this system into another system of values which are then used as the output values

I have decided to use flash again. In the long term its not a good idea. However, I know the language very well and time is short. I think it will be easier to translate something from AS into Java or JS or C than to develop it from scratch – especially something as conceptually undefined as this where I’ll need good improv skills.

It would be interesting to imagine how the process might happen inside a biological central nervous system (CNS) in which nerves translate information that is easy to replicate digitally (boolean or analogue values). Importantly the CNS is split into voluntary and involuntary sub-networks. The voluntary systems are controlled by the conscious mind and include the movement of limbs and ability to communicate, while the involuntary systems control things like digestion, organ activity (the Endochrine System), and breathing.

The conscious mind does not (normally) control the release of hormones by organs, but it is often affected by these chemicals and it doesn’t seem illogical to describe consciousness as the translation of reality from world-event to electrical (nervous) event to chemical event. In the EA system the electrical events are basically covered by wires linking motors, power sources, and microchips together, while the chemical events are covered by the programming. This essentially means that the programmed part (the psy-code) will mimic a hormonal system not a digital one. A fantastic idea because a chemical reaction can not be viewed in terms of a moral code, or interpreted as an intellectual decision.

  • A hormone is released
  • It interacts with various components which do not all react in the same way
  • It mixes with other hormones to create a cocktail which can have unique properties
  • It degrades

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