Alumni Show 2013

The show opens today. I am exhibiting a small tower (whose construction was directed by me from abroad), and the psycholocode visualisation.IMG_0695

The tower is small, and not amazing looking although it has been extremely interesting to organise its construction from abroad. It has resulted in a clear list of instructions for the process and recipe, and a clear idea of time and materials required to produce an artefact of a certain size.

The code itself is the more sucessful part of the project. Created in Flash it is perhaps a little outdated, however considering that Flash AS3 is the language that I am most comfortable with it seemed the sensible choice. The sources of data are randomly generated but handled from inception with defined logical arguments based on various psychological models. This is certainly a key step in creating the mind of the Earth Antenna. The next steps connected to the psycholocode involve getting its processing classes into a Java environment, getting the incoming data to be sourced from IOT sources, and perhaps moving the visual output to a javascript environment at some point in the future.

The Psycholocode that was exhibited is here:

Instructions for Materials Creation, Tower Creation, and Documentation for future exhibitions

Documentation of the piece:


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