University of London Alumni Show 2013 – Proposal

I have been invited to exhibit the Earth Antenna at the Alumni Show 2013. The guests and visitors of the show should be a very interesting mix. The exhibit will be comprised of an earth-spice-seed tower, and a screen showing the data being digested. The earth tower will more or less combine the two towers that were shown at the Select and MA shows in September. The resulting tower will be approximately 150cm high, made from 30 rings of the mud-seed substrate and dusted/tinted with strongly-smelling, brightly-coloured spices. The tower will be a coloured, scented record of a data conversion process which will also need to be shown alongside the tower itself somehow. The second part of the exhibit will be the screen-based data-digestion graphic. It will need to be visually interesting on a stylistic level, but also conceptually profound and easy to understand. Its primary role is to explain why the tower is coloured the way it is and it will do this in two ways – by visualising the real-time audio of the exhibition space, and by presenting the process that spawned the tower data-set. It needs to be ready in 4 weeks. Building the tower presents a logistic complication because friends in London will need to do this for me, ring by ring – and then these rings will need to be taken to the exhibition space and put together in the correct order. Also I think the tower will need a central spine to support it. Oct 26 Struggling a bit with how to understand the programmed part as a non-superficial part of the exhibit while at the same time acknowledging that to make it 100% genuine I would need A) more time and B) a computer to run software which apparently I wont have. The result is that it will need to be a linear display much like the last time although of a certain format that will run without any additional software requirements. Ideas that have just come out of a decent stroll:

  • Instead of building the tower from rings, build the tower from cylinders. Each cylinder can be rolled in a coloured spice. More spice will be used. The texture will be more interesting.
  • Cylinders could be of differing sizes.
  • Real information must be harvested and used as the basis of this piece – stock values spring to mind as numbers that have moral/cultural meaning and which change regularly.
  • I am fully embracing that this is a hand-made piece, expressing the artificial personality of a programmed entity in response to real data. Because it is hand-made I can make it more intricate.
  • Growing grass is ESSENTIAL to organise
  • The tower can build upwards in a spiral rather than in rings.
  • The projector can show a simple dot display alongside a print out of the numbers from the personality.
  • The personality can be rebuild in Java to console myself about the rest of underdevelopment of the code side of the project.

—– Since there are now 2 visible parts to the show – the tower and the animation – the animation must be the next thing on my mind. It needs source information from shares data, ff


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