Contemplation: Designing A Telescopic Spine

Skeleton structure for 3 segment tower and base – 240cm in height

28 May 2013

The telescopic spine design is settling down now. I have created a 3 segment piece which begins entirely hidden within a larger base segment, and which rises to a height of over 2 metres – each segment is 60cm tall.

How it rises is the current problem on the slab waiting for dissection. There are two ideas – pulleys or cogs. Cogs allow for precise stepper-motor increases in height, whereas pulleys are quick and easy to implement and also can be made to easily run from a single motor.

I have a working prototype for both options and am currently implementing the pulley mechanism on the full-scale model.

Taking into consideration my current idea of using a cog and chain driven peristaltic action in each of the segments to help push upwards the thick substrate, I can imagine that the final rising technique will incorporate a combination of pulleys and cogs.


Cog and Wheel Rack animation

01 May

The idea is to use a stepper motor on a set of toothed legs and control the rising height in this way.




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