Contemplation: Earth Antenna Process

Prior to Nov 2015 (archive material)

This post breaks down the entire mechanical process of the earth antenna into steps – single tasks. From this breakdown the seperate parts of the process can be focused on in more detail and the development process of the whole should become less abstract and more achievable.


Preparation of Machine

  • Substrate tubes are filled and reset.
  • Spool of Plastic cable is inserted into Machine
  • Machine is connected to power source
  • Moving parts are lubricated.
  • Moulds and hydraulic parts are cleaned.
  • BilBot is positioned in tower base and connected to hydraulic system

Creation Process Starts

  • Plastic cable is fed into foundry chamber and melted
  • Liquid plastic is passed into mould, left to cool, squashed, and left to cool
  • this process is repeated until the plastic unit has recheived a minimum height – equivalent to 1.5 times the height of the Bilbot.
  • plastic unit is inserted securely into Bilbot with top sealed
  • substrate is pumped into plastic tube up to within 1cm of its full height

Tower Growth Process

  • Bilbot pushes out its leg-needle supports so that it rests on the uppermost surface of the tower
  • Base mechanics feed Substrate Tube upwards and Bilbot pulls it upwards
  • Plastic outer surface of tube is melted and allowed to sink down
  • Melted Plastic and Substrate are compressed and extruded outwards over the Bilbot supports and onto the uppermost tower level
  • Bilbot waits a period of time while the plastic cools and solidifies – 30 mins?
  • Bilbot resecures its caterpillar tracks to the inside of the tower
  • Bilbot heats up its leg-needle supports and retracts them from the recent deposit – it now is held in place only by the traction of the caterpillar tracks
  • Bilbot pushes its leg-needle module upwards and rests its leg-needles on top of the recent layer
  • The caterpillar tracks along with the retraction of the leg-needle module create lift and pull the main body upwards
  • Process repeats

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