EA update


19.03 – the BilBot is powered, altho clumsily. The wiring needs tidying up and a switch needs adding to the breadboard. More caterpillar tracks are on the way from Ebay so I’ll be able to complete the structure when I get back from Madrid on Saturday. When I turned it on yesterday some of the cogs jumped around and werent meshing together correctly, so I need to look into this.

13.03 – the motors powering the climber tracks are hooked up, and form the core of BilBo (Build Bot), the caterpillar wheels are on their way but a cog needs to connect these two key parts together. Its a small task and once its done the device should be connected to a power source. MUST BE DONE BEFORE END MARCH



The next big task will be to pump liquid wax along a flexible tube of an unchanging length. Its the least friendly of the solutions to the problem of moving the substrate, but its the most future-proof since all subsequent versions will demand that substrate rises from a hidden reservoir held in the tower base plinth. I might be able to return to a rust idea too.

Finally, I think there will need to be a small componant in the head of the BilBo which will stabilise and assist the upwards motion of the device. A set of needle-like metal teeth rests on the old wax deposit as the new wax layer is deposited on top – they act like a brake or grapple to support the BilBo device inside the tower while it sits and waits (the caterpillar tracks might be enough of a support, but this gives an extra stability). When the new wax layer has dried, the metal needles heat up and withdraw slowly from the wax – at which point the BilBo device is being supported entirely by the tracks. As soon as the new wax layer is solid, the teeth bit pops upwards and places the now-cool needles on top of the newest layer of wax. Along with the caterpillar tracks both parts pull up the BilBo device and trailing cables and tubes to the new height.


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