Concept Evolution: Cube or Tube?

MAR 2013


  • Mud and starch substrate is used to grow tall vertical tubes.
  • Layers of substrate that are extruded from the top of the tube.
  • Each layer is given a few hours to dry before a new layer is added.
  • All layers contain grass seed and some contain various other seeds.
  • Each layer is given a unique pigmentation or smell to communicate a specific  state.

The mother machine is contained in two places – underneath the surface of the platform, and inside the substrate tube. It is therefore invisible to the public. It takes about 3 weeks for a good covering of grass blades to appear from the substrate structure. I need to do experiments to see if its possible to decrease this grow time to one week – perhaps by soaking the seeds before adding to the substrate mix. One tip here might be an interesting starting point.

Feb 03 – 2013

The material substrate can be carried to the site where the cubes are made via tubes that are hidden under the installation rather than above it. This will be easier in terms of weight and logistics, and also more pleasing to the eye since you will see less machine and more product.

Dec 15 – 2012

There is no walking robot.

The machine is represented by the production process. Ingredients are mixed, and moulded – cubes are formed on a production line process. Their texture and appearance are determined by what they are made of, and various quantities of these distinct component parts is determined by interaction between the machine and its surroundings.


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