Contemplation: From Macro To Micro

Considering the relationship between the primary tiers of the project:

      1. inception (seed of EA’s characteristics)
      2. production (generation of physical structure)
      3. knock-on (effect of the previous two aspects on reality)

Looking at the Earth Antenna as a process, there are similarities between it and a life-form, but before I explain this in more detail I need to explain quickly about how I arrived at this realisation. The ‘personality’ is the focus of my thinking at the moment – how can a personality be programmed? Why do certain things appeal, and others not? What makes a fight worth fighting or running away from? How are decisions made in complex circumstances that arent directly relateable to ‘survival’ type situations?

If you trace any roots of any personality backwards, you arrive at an earlier root – a trauma creates an enduring neuroses, a desire creates a continuous striving to attain a goal etc. Eventually you arrive at birth, and here you can decide to stop or to continue going backwards. At some point on this regression into the womb and towards conception, the chemicals of ‘thought’ reduce into the chemicals of ‘body’.

This raises the final point – that the chemical framework upon which the psychology is built ultimately begins with a similar chemical framework to that upon which the body has been built i.e. the foundations of personality begin in the womb, and prior to that in the DNA-bomb of the fertilised egg, ever backwards infinitum. Following the evolution of species backwards we can assume that this personality-potential reduces in subtlety as the organic framework (body-potential) that supports it reduces in complexity.

To tie all this together succinctly with an example – an algorithm is given to the machine, inside the machine this algorithm explodes into something more complex and in some way configures how the body should be as well as how the basic psychology is, and finally how these two things combine over time and through reactions with the world creates the personality. ┬áThe process doesnt have a beginning, but I need to artifically create one. The project will be contrived, but through necessity not laziness.

This all leads into how the personality effects the world around it. First through the actions of the machine that is building a structure, and secondly through the effects that this structure has on people moving around it.


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