Arduino and the WiFi shield

June 25

Purchased the WiFi shield to fit over the Arduino Uno. The Uno is also hosting the Motor shield. I haven’t tested two shields together from the same board but I’ve been told its not a problem but I’ll need to alter the default pins used by the code.

My idea is to use the internet to monitor global data sources rather than sensors to monitor local data. Why? Technically speaking I think that the payoff is better – once I have cracked hooking up the board to the wifi and the net, I will have the option to take data from anything and anywhere. Local sensors will be limited in range and relevance to the project. Plus, local sensors will require a set of programming for each sensor type, whereas net sensoring is a single type of data being handled in separate ways.

What type of data should the tower be monitoring?

I need to have a good think about this. Some interesting and amusing but relevant sets of data could be great – especially with a machine whose personality provides an unexpected interpretation of something that to us might seem quite obvious.


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