Earth Antenna

The Earth Antenna project continues to evolve since the MA that spawned it ended (in August 2013).

Version 1 (09.2012 – 12.2013) saw a telescopic structure rising from the ground with a rotating printhead extruding mud-starch-seed substrate into a tall spiral structure which communicates the personality’s responses to data streams with colours, smells, and seedling sprouts used in the substrate.

Version 2 changes the mechanical structure from a telescopic structure to an autonomous droid, and now the substrate includes a low-melt plastic to create a supporting scaffold to strengthen the structure while the starch dries. A spiralling vertical tower is grown – in extrusions of two layers simultaneously, substrate on the top and bio-plastic on the bottom – by the revolving print-head that rises a few millimeters after each emission. The bio-plastic layer is unchanging, but (as per V1) the ingredients of each substrate emission reflect the ‘mood’ of the Artificial Personality – from the smell, to the colour, and the type and quantity of seedlings that each emission produces.