Development Diary: UAL Sketcher

03 Feb 2017

Screw Rods: Having found screw bars in a local hardware store, I had been excited to imagine being able to find these rods so close to home. However, on testing the rods it turns out that they aren’t all that straight or inflexible, and motor rotation results in unwanted bounce.┬áSo, for this project at least I have returned to the RepRap standard 10mm diameter steel rods.

Stylus Motor: My thinking till now has been to use a servo motor to control the up/down state of the stylus, but it tends to vibrate a lot. I am not fully confident that this isn’t down to an error on my part, but having tried two motors to the same effect I am switching to a Stepper instead. Other upsides include having more strength, and more future applications like changing the line width by pressing down harder.

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